The ACEI is a membership society governed by a constitution and elected officers. Elections take place every two years after the plenary conference. The President, President-Elect and Past President each hold office for two years; members of the Executive Board hold office for six years and two are elected every two years. It´s the ACEI´s policy to encourage broad international participation in all its offices. The President-Elect is responsible for the programme for the next biennial conference and becomes President at the Annual General Meeting held during that conference.

Further details including the roles and responsibilities of key office bearers in the Association can be found in the ACEI Constitution.

Executive Board

Elected Officers

  • President (2016-18): Alan Collins 
    Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • President-Elect (2016-18): Trine Bille 
    Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Past President: Ilde Rizzo 
    Catania University, Italy
  • Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Bronwyn Coate
    RMIT University, Melbourne

Board Members

Besides the elected officers, the ACEI also recommends the appointment of the Editors of the Journal of Cultural Economics.

Honorary Fellows

In addition to elected officers and board members, the Association recognises the contributions made to advancing cultural economics through the award of Honorary fellowship with the Association. Recognised honorary fellows comprise:

2016 – Professor William Baumol
2016 – Professor Ruth Towse
2012 – Professor Victor Ginsburgh
2010 – Professor Bruno S. Frey
2008 – Professor David Throsby
1998 – Professor Dick Netzer
1996 – Professor Sir Alan Peacock

Biennial Conferences

Every two years the ACEI hosts its major international conference. During the off years, smaller regional workshops are held. Past conferences include:

2018 – Melbourne, Australia

2016 – Valladolid, Spain
2014 – Montreal, Canada
2012 – Kyoto, Japan
2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 – Boston, United States
2006 – Vienna, Austria
2004 – Chicago, United States
2002 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2000 – Minneapolis, United States
1998 – Barcelona, Spain